Services we offer

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comprehensive eye exams

We offer a thorough eye test which includes a refraction (getting your prescription), checking the health of your eyes (slit lamp, fundoscopy & tonometry). We set aside 60 minutes for each of our clients so that we can make sure your prescription is clear & comfortable!

free screenings

If you are in need of a DRIVERS / GLAUCOMA screening, book your FREE 15 minute consultation with us. We will give you a certificate for the traffic department or email your details so that you can receive your DISCOVERY GLAUCOMA SCREENING POINTS.

repairs & alignments

Bring your glasses in if they need an adjustment or repair & we can see if we can fix them for you.

We can also give your glasses a service (new nose pads & temples, as well as a good clean) so that they feel almost as good as new!

package deals

We offer package deals starting at R1300 that include the eye test, frame and lenses for those not on a medical aid.

We offer single vision, bifocal, accommodation support & multifocal lenses with our package deals.

spectacle lenses

We use Hoya Optics Lenses who use cutting edge technology & offer a unique product range.

Hoya offers the World’s most durable anti-reflection coating as well as 100% personalised multifocal lenses which we offer in-store.

contact lenses

We offer an additional contact lens instruction with a trial pair of contact lenses & solution if you would like to try out contact lenses. We can also order different brands of contact lenses for you with a contact lens prescription that is less than 12 months old.